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Gigabit Ethernet Test Fixture

The TF-GBE test fixture, designed by Tektronix and manufactured and distributed by Crescent Heart Software, facilitates 1000BaseT, 100BaseTX and 10BaseT Ethernet compliance testing when used with an appropriate DPO7000-series, DPO/DSA70000-series or similar oscilloscope and the Tektronix TDSET3 Ethernet Compliance Test Software.

As described in the TF-GBE datasheet (PDF file, less than 5MB), the following items are available:

  • TF-GBE-ATP -- 1000/100/10BaseT Advanced Test Package (consists of test fixture PCB set, RJ45 interconnect cable and 1000BaseT jitter test channel cable)

  • TF-GBE-BTP -- 1000/100/10BaseT Basic Test Package (consists of test fixture PCB set and RJ45 interconnect cable)

  • TF-GBE-JTC -- 103-meter 1000BaseT jitter test channel cable

  • TF-GBE-SIC -- short (4-inch (0,1-meter)) RJ45 interconnect cable

  • TF-GBE-EE -- Energy Efficient Ethernet test fixture

  • TF-GBE-ATP-EE -- Combination of TF-GBE-ATP and TF-GBE-EE

  • TF-GBE-BTP-EE -- Combination of TF-GBE-BTP and TF-GBE-EE

Click here to download the current version of the TF-GBE Quick Reference Guide, for use with the TDSET3 software application (PDF file, 300KB+).

Click here to download the earlier TF-GBE Reference Guide, for use with the older TDSET2 software application (PDF file, 2MB+).

Please contact us for product pricing and availability information, or contact your local Tektronix distributor. If you are located outside of North America, please contact an overseas distributor on our contact page, or be in touch with your local Tektronix distributor.

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